Master Plan

The Coliseum Central Master Plan encompasses the Coliseum Central Business Improvement District (CCBID) as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and natural environments. Nearly three square miles in size, CCBID is one of the largest business improvement districts in the nation. It is centrally located within the region at the crossroads of Interstate 64 and Interstate 664.

The success of this commercial district is critical to the City of Hampton. It has historically served as one of the major regional shopping districts for the Virginia Peninsula and generates a significant proportion of taxes for the city. Two public-private partnerships and the Coliseum Central Master Plan have served as catalysts for the redevelopment of this district and the preservation of its tax base.

Key Elements

The Master Plan embraces principles of community livability and sustainable development by supporting a balance of mixed-use, higher density development, decreased automobile dependency, housing alternatives, recreational and entertainment opportunities, respect for the integrity of the natural environmental appreciation of the built environment and defining architectural features, and community identity.


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